Getting Started

To get started using Sym, you need to understand the basics of how documents and content are created and edited.

To help you get started, the first time the app is opened a Start Page is displayed. Any time the application is opened the document that was opened that last time the application was run is opened again. If there was no document opened, the Start Page is shown. The Start Page can also be opened any time by selecting File > Start Page in the main menu.

The Start Page provides links to the documentation on the web site.

The Document Explorer

The Document Explorer is the starting point when you want to change the content of a document. Documents can be broken up into "Document modules". The Document Explorer is where you go to open those modules and to create and edit the tree of document modules.

The Document Explorer is also the starting point when you want to create new objects and define the functionality and rendering of these objects. You can change the libraries that are reference by the document and you can add directly add new unit tests and new object definitions in the Document Explorer. This is done by adding or editing Unit Test Modules and Object Modules.

The Document Explorer can be opened by selecting View > Document Explorer (Shift + F2) from the main menu. See The Document Explorer for more details.


Typically, the functionality available in a document is determined by the libraries that are loaded into the document. Libraries can either be referenced in a document from an online location or new libraries can be created locally on your machine. Online libraries are not editable. See Libraries and References for more details.

Online Documents

In addition to online libraries, there are a number of documents that are accessible from the SymbolicWare web site. To open an online document, select File > Open online document... from the main menu. See Online Documents for more details.

The layout of the screen can be customized by dragging and docking the windows. See Customizing the Screen Layout for more details.