Blackboard Modules

The content of a document is contained in modules. There are four types of modules, document modules, blackboard modules, object modules and unit test modules. Blackboard modules allow you to put expressions and text anywhere in the module.

Blackboard Modules are created and managed using The Document Explorer. While only one document file can be opened in a single instance of the application, a document can have any number of modules open simultaneously.

At the top of each module, there is a button bar with a status bar below it. The status bar indicates the document that contains the current module (which may be the main document or one of its libraries), the module type, the current notation, and the current editing mode.

Unlike a Document Module where the content behaves more like the content in a word processing application, you can insert expressions or text anywhere in a Blackboard Module. New content is created by double clicking anywhere in the module or by selecting Insert expression from the context menu.

You can also insert or delete space from a Blackboard Module by right clicking on empty space in the module and selecting Insert space (Ctrl + Insert) or Delete space (Ctrl + Delete) from the context menu. All of the expressions below the location of the click will be moved.

Expressions can be dragged to another location. To do this, highlight the expression, click inside the highlight and drag to the new location. Expressions can only be dragged in Expression mode. In Name mode and Text mode dragging is disabled.

You can highlight multiple expressions by clicking and dragging over the expressions that you want to highlight. The highlighted expressions can be deleted or dragged to another location.

To insert text into a Blackboard Module, first insert an empty box at the location of the text. Press Escape to switch to Text mode and start typing the text.

For a more detailed explanation of the editing modes and how they are used, see Editing modes.

Undo and redo will work on any edits you make in a Blackboard Module. There are separate undo and redo lists for each module.