About SymbolicWare

SymbolicWare began as an exploration of how much of symbolic mathematics could be done on a computer. It seemed like there should be easier ways to create and manipulate expressions. It should be easier to create documents with equations in them and it should be easier to export them to LaTeX or anything any other destination. The Sym application evolved from these explorations.
Right now, SymbolicWare is still a one person company. Where things go from here depends largely on the feedback from the early versions of the Sym application. How far this eventually goes isn't clear yet.
The critical questions are whether people find this application useful and whether anyone would be interested in helping to impropve the existing libraries and to develop more libraries. It should be possible to develop libraries for additional areas of mathematics, the physical sciences, engineering and so on.
My own experience developing and using Sym suggests that a lot more is possible. But getting Sym to evolve into something that is of real value to a fairly large number of people is clearly way to big a project for one person.
When we get to a full, released version of Sym, it will still be free to everyone in the academic community. We intend to keep it that way permanently.
Try it and let me know what you think.