Functions that Generate Object Definitions

A library can include functions that generate a list of object definitions. These functions can be configured so that they are executed as part of the build process and the object definitions that are returned are collected in the Autogenerated Objects library. Examples include the list of Colors and a list of objects that represent each of the libraries currently loaded into the document.

Functions that generate object definitions

These functions are typed as ObjectDefinition and either return a single object definition or a List of object definitions.

The ObjectGenerator property

An object definition with this property that is a Sym function will be called during the build process and the results will be used to dynamically generate object definitions. An object definition with this property must have a type definition that has ObjectDefinition as its result type or an error will be generated during the build process. The ObjectGenerator property takes one parameter. The object of type ObjectModule provided as the parameter is the name of the module in the Autogenerated Objects library where the autogenerated object definitions will be placed.

You can find all of the functions that are designed to autogenerate object definitions by searching for the ObjectGenerator property in the Find and Replace window. Autogenerated objects can also be searched in the Object Browser like any other object.

Built in functions that generate object definitions

  • GetLibraryDefinitions
  • GetColorDefinitions
  • GetBuiltInFunctionDefinitions
  • GetTypeObjectDefinitions
  • GetNamespaceDefinitions