Built in Types

There are a number of predefined types used by the Sym application.

Type Description
Bool The logic objects have this type.
Color The predefined color objects are are built in the Autogenerated library use this type.
ExecutionDetails The objects used in the Execution Details window are defined to have this type.
Integer The standard Integer type.
Location Any object that refers to a location in an expression uses this type.
Namespace The namespace objects have this type.
Notation Notations are defined with this type.
None This type is assigned to each term in a expression before type inferencing.
Null The bottom type of the type system. Null is a subtype of all other types. See The Object (Top) and Null (Bottom) Types.
Object The top type of the type system. All other types are subtypes of Object. See The Object (Top) and Null (Bottom) Types.
ObjectDefinition This type is assigned to expressions that represent object definitions.
PatternMatch See Objects Used in Pattern Matching.
Property Properties in Object Definitions have this type. See Object Definition Properties.
Real The standard Real type.
ScratchpadName The names of scratchpad groups are assigned this type.
Style When an object is created to represent a style, it is assigned this type.
Type Any object that is a type will have this type.
Value The Num object has this type initially, numbers are assigned a different type (Real, Integer, etc.) by the type inferencer.