Command Properties

These properties are designed to be used on object definitions that define commands.

An object definition defines a command if it is in the Commands namespace and has type Command.

Property Library Usage
CommandParameters Basics The CommandParameters property determines what expressions are passed into the function that is executed by a command. See Command Parameter Objects for details.
Function Basics Defines the function executed by the command.
SetHasChanged Basics Some of the commands don't really "change" the document. For example the shift right and left arrow commands only change the highlighting. For these commands, we include the SetHasChanged property with False in the parameter. If this property isn't attached to a command, SetHasChanged will default to True.
ShortcutKey Basics Used in object definitions that define commands. Defines the shortcut key for the command. The keystroke can be a Key object, a Keystroke object which takes a key and a modifier as parameters or it can be a Character object.