Function Properties

These properties are intended to be used in object definitions that are also functions (have clauses included in the object definition).

Property Library Usage
Autocomplete Basics Indicates that the object is an autocomplete definition. When building autocomplete lists, this function will be executed and the results will be inserted into the autocomplete list.
BuildAll Basics When this property is attached to an object definition, all of the clauses in the function are executed and the results are returned in a List object
IsNotFunction Basics This property is set on functions that are not mathematical functions. If this property is set the results of executing the function aren't cached. It should be set on any function (in the software sense of the word) where the return value is not always the same for the same parameter(s). A random number generator is an example.
Override Basics

The Override property prevents clauses defined in extensions from base libraries from being included when the function is executed. By default, if an object definition has extensions, the clauses from all of the definitions are combined into a single list in the reverse order that the libraries appear in the Document Explorer. If an object definition has the Override property, then clauses from libraries higher up in the list in the Object Explorer are not included. In this case, clauses from the remaining object definitions can be invoked using the FunctionCall object. See Extending Object Definitions

ObjectGenerator Core An object definition with this property that is also a Sym function will be called during the build process and the results will be used to dynamically generate object definitions. An object definition with this property must have a type definition that has ObjectDefinition as its result type or an error will be generated during the build process. The ObjectModule provided as the first parameter is the name of the module in the Autogenerated Objects library where the autogenerated object definitions will be placed.