Autocomplete Objects

An autocomplete object is an object that appears in the autocomplete pop-up menu when text is typed into an empty box. The purpose of an autocomplete object is to create a group of objects that appear in the autocomplete popup.

Objects can be created to contain a list of related objects that appear together in the autocomplete list. For example, the built-in greek object was created as container for all the Greek characters. Users can then just type greek into an empty box to see a list of all characters in the Greek alphabet, without having to remember the names of all the characters.

The Autocomplete property is applied to an object to add an autocomplete group to the autocomplete pop-up list. When a name is typed into an empty box, any of the objects that match that name that have the Autocomplete property are executed and the result (the list of objects in the group) is added to the autocomplete popup.

For example, the autocomplete "root" is defined as follows: