Space and Ctrl + Space objects

The Space and CtrlSpace objects are used to edit and create expressions. They are placeholders during the editing process and are not normally left in the final expression.

The Space object

The Space object is used to wrap an object around an existing expression. The Space object is normally created by pressing Space or the keyboard. The use of the Space object is covered in detail in Building Expressions Using the Space Object.

The CtrlSpace object

The CtrlSpace object is used to rename an object.

Pressing Ctrl + Space on the keyboard will create a CtrlSpace object. When CtrlSpace is the parent in the autocomplete, we pull out the parameters of the existing object and put them into each of the autocomplete entries.

For example, if the highlight is "a & b" and you type "<Ctrl + Space>or<Enter>" you should end up with "a | b". Typing "rename" is a second way to create the CtrlSpace object. The use of the CtrlSpace object is covered in detail in Editing Expressions Using the Ctrl+Space Object.