The Document Options Dialog

The Document Options dialog is used for settings that are part of each document. The settings include the Copy Exporter and the Notation. The Document Options dialog is opened by selecting Edit > Document options... from the main menu.

The Copy Exporter

When content is copied to the clipboard, it is put on the clipboard in two different formats. The first format is custom to the Sym application and is used when content is copied and pasted within the Sym application. The second format is a text format. The text that is put on the clipboard depends on the exporter selected in this dialog.

For example, if the document includes the LaTeX library, then one of the options in the drop down is LaTeX and if you copy an expression in Sym and paste it in any text editor, the text that is inserted in the target document is generated by the LaTeX exporter.

The Paste Importer

When text is pasted from the clipboard, it will be passed to the Paste Importer which can convert the text to any expression, depending on the importer that is selected. This option only affects text pasted into a document. Clipboard content in any of the formats internal to Sym is unaffected by this option.

The Notations

Each Document Module, Blackboard Module, Object Module, and Unit Test Module has a notation assigned to it. When you create a new module, the notation assigned is Automatic.

The Document Options dialog allows you to set a notation for each of the four types of modules. Any module assigned the Automatic notation will be rendered in the notation that is set for the corresponding module type in Document Options dialog.

These options are stored as part of the document and may change when you open a different document. Options that don't depend on which document is loaded (for example, the default document location) are set in the Options dialog.