Exporting Content

Content in a Sym document can be exported to other formats including LaTeX and HTML. You can customize the export process and create your own functions that will export content to a custom format.

To export a document of blackboard module, select File > Export module... from the main menu. You can also export from the Document Explorer by right clicking on a document module and selecting Export module... from the context menu.

In the Export Module dialog you can select the exporter that will be used and the file name of the export file. The list of exporters depends on the libraries that are loaded into the current document. If the exporter you want isn't in the list, you will need to add a reference to the library that contains the exporter that you need. See Libraries and References

An exporter is also used to generate the text that is put on the clipboard when you copy content in a module. Which exporter is used is set in the Document Options dialog. See Exporting Expressions