Adding and Removing References

References determine which libraries are included in a document. The libraries included in the document define the list of objects and much of the functionality that can be used to create and manipulate expressions in the current document. For example, if you add a reference to the Calc.eql library to a document, then the Calc library along with the Trig and Math libraries will be loaded in the document and there will be definitions and functionality for objects like limits, derivatives, and integrals in current document.

References are added to the documents so that libraries that contain the object definitions and functionality required by the document are available in the document. To add a reference to a document:

  1. If the Document Explorer isn't already open, then open it by selecting View > Document Explorer (Shift + F2) from the menu bar.
  2. Right-click the References item and select Edit references… from the context menu.
  3. The Edit References dialog will open. A list of locations is show in the dialog and any libraries that are already referenced are shown with a green check in front of them. You can add or remove libraries from the list that is currently selected. For this example, the Calc.eql library and the TextFormatting.eql libraries were selected. Note that because both the Calc.eql library and the TextFormatting.eql library reference other libraries, adding these references causes six libraries to be loaded (in addition to the Autogenerated Objects library which is always included). All libraries loaded into the current document are listed under Libraries in the Document Explorer.

  4. The version can be set for each location used in the document. To select the version for a location, right-click on the location and select Select version.... The Select Location Version dialog is shown with a list of versions available for the selected location. Select a version from the list and select Ok. For each location, only a single version can be selected even if more than one library from the location is referenced.