Online Documents

Documents that are located online can be opened in Sym. These documents can be edited like any other document, but you must specify a directory and file name when you first save a document that was opened from an online location.

To open an online document select File > Open online document... from the main menu. Enter the URL of the online documents and press Enter. As an example, if you enter "" you will be offered a list of documents published by SymbolicWare.

Select one of the documents published at this URL and select Open. The file will open just like a file in a local directory. The only differences between a local file and an online file is that an online file will have (Public) added to the title at the top of the application and if you edit the document you must specify a directory and file name in order to save your changes.

To create your own set of online documents, you first create a local location containing the documents that you want to publish, then right-click this location and select Publish location.... Once this is done, the documents in the Published directory of the location are ready to upload to an online location. See Publishing Libraries and Documents in a Location for details.