Publishing Libraries and Documents in a Location

The process of publishing the libraries and documents in a location is designed to do two things. First, it lets you put libraries and documents online for easy access just by copying the zip files and an XML file created during publishing to any online location. Second, it allows maintaining multiple versions of a library and makes is possible to reference either the most recent version and any previous versions in a document.

Publishing of libraries and documents is done in the Location List, to open the Location List, select Edit > Location list... from the main menu . To publish some or all of the libraries in a location, right-click on a location to open the context menu and select Publish location.... The Publish Location dialog shows the next version number, the number of files that will be included and allows you to change the selected files.

A new version number is assigned each time the location is published. Version numbers are assigned to the location not to the individual libraries.

When the Publish Location dialog is opened, all files in that location are initially included in the list of selected files. The list of files to be included in the new version can be changed using the Select button in the Publish Location dialog.

The publication process takes all of the files included in the new version and combines them into a single zip file which is placed in the Published directory under the directory assigned to the location. It also updates the SymList.xml file. If this zip file and the SymList.xml file are copied to a public location, they will be available for use by other users. Each time you publish a location, a zip file is added to the Published directory and the SymList.xml file in the Published directory replaced by a new copy that includes a list of the files in the new version.

The publish process does NOT upload the files. It does everything but the upload. The files that need to be uploaded are placed in the Published directory under the directory for the location.