Public locations

Locations that are public allow you to reference libraries that are available online.

Public locations may be added automatically when you open a document. If the document contains references to public locations that are not in the location list, they are automatically added.

Creating a public location

Open the Location List dialog (Location list... in the Edit menu) and select Add Location. Enter the URL of the online libraries and/or documents. The Test button can be used to verify that the location is valid.

Documents and libraries in public locations can't be edited.

Locations on

There are several locations available on the website. The locations currently available include:

  • Published documents

    This location includes a number of example documents. The location is at

  • Published libraries

    This location includes all of the currently published libraries created by SymbolicWare. The location is at

  • Prerelease libraries

    This location includes several libraries that are still in development including things like Chemistry.eql and Physics.eql. The location is at

These three locations are added to the location list automatically when the Sym app is installed.