Local locations

Local locations are locations on the machine you are currently using. The libraries and documents in local locations can be edited. Public locations refer to documents and libraries located online.

Creating a local location

Open the Location List dialog (Location list... in the Edit menu) and select Add Location. In the Add Location dialog select the Select button to the right of the Location: text box. A dialog will appear that allows you to select the folder used by the location. After selecting the folder, the Edit Location dialog will appear allowing you to enter a name for the location.

Adding a new library to a local location

To add a new library, select Add new library... from the context menu for the location or any folder in the location. Enter the name of the new library.

After a new library is created, it can be referenced in a document and edited. Libraries can't be opened by themselves, they can only be edited when they are referenced in a document.

Deleting a library from a location

Deletes the file from the local directory, but doesn't delete the library from the previous versions.