Creating and Editing Text - Overview

Text can be added to both Blackboard and Document modules. Text can be indented, bulleted or numbered in the usual way, either using the button bar at the top of the module or by applying commands.

Because the editing process in Sym is significantly different depending on whether you are editing text or editing expressions, two different edit modes are used - one for text and one for expressions. You can switch between the two modes by double clicking on either text or an expression or by using the escape key. See Editing modes for more information.

To create text in a module:

  • In a Blackboard module, double click anywhere in the module to insert an empty box. Press Escape to switch the edit mode to Text mode, the highlight changes from green to grey. Now start typing text. If you don't switch the edit mode to Text mode, you can still type text, but you are editing the name of an object rather than entering text and after type 2 or more characters, the autocomplete popup will appear to allow you to select an object.
  • In a Document module, the process is basically the same but you can't insert new objects by double clicking. Instead, highlight the empty box that is already placed in a new Document module, press Escape and start typing text. If there is already text in a document module, you can click on any text or expression in the module, press Escape if you aren't in Text mode, and then create text.

In both cases, expressions can be added to the content by pressing Enter and then Escape to switch back to expression mode. You should now have an empty box that is highlight in green (Name edit mode) and you are ready to create an expression. See Symbolic Expressions - Overview for more details.

Indenting text

Text can be indented either by using the Tab key or by selecting the increase indent button in the tool bar at the top of the module. The Shift + Tab key will decrease the indent.

Bulleting or numbering text

Text can be bulleted or numbered using the bulleting and numbering buttons on the tool bar at the top of the module.

Apply commands to text

In some cases, it's convenient to be able to manipulate the objects that define the formatting of text using commands. This is described in detail in Commands Used on Text

Applying styles to text

The font, font size and font style for text can be selected in the toolbar at the top of the module. Alternately, the style for text can be set by selecting a style in the style drop-down in the toolbar. The list of styles available in a document can be changed. See Styles for more details.