Exporting Expressions

When an expression is copied to the clipboard, the expression is placed on the clipboard in at least two formats. The first format is custom to Sym, the second format is just plain text. This text can be generated from the expression using any of the existing exporters, like LaTeX and HTML.

The steps to export an expression are:

  1. Make sure the libraries you need are referenced in the document. For the LaTeX export, the LaTeX.eql library is required (it references Export.eql)
  2. Highlight the expression
  3. Copy the expression in the usual way (either select Copy from the menu or press Ctrl + C). This puts the export on the clipboard.
  4. Paste the exported expression into the target application.

You can also export an entire module. See Exporting Content for more info.


The only exported implemented in this release is the LaTeX exporter and it is still only partially implemented. There are more export libraries planned - examples include MathML and plain text exports.