The Clipboard Viewer

The Clipboard Viewer shows the last 20 expressions that were copied to the clipboard. It doesn't show other clipboard formats. The Clipboard Viewer can be shown by selecting Clipboard (Shift + F4) from the View menu.

There are three buttons at the top of the Clipboard Viewer:

  • Delete - removes the active expression(s) from the list shown by the Clipboard Viewer.
  • Sort - moves the active expression(s) to the top of the Clipboard Viewer list. If there is more than one active expression, the expressions are shown in the list in the order they were selected.
  • Clear - removes all expressions from the list.

You can make any item in the list the active item by clicking on it. Multiple items can be selected using Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click. The active item(s) will be put in the document if you select Paste from any menu or press Ctrl + V.

You can also paste an expression into a document module by double clicking on any expression in the Clipboard Viewer. Open any type of module and select an expression in the content of the module. If you double-click on one of the expressions in the Clipboard Viewer, that expression is pasted into the module in place of the expression that was highlighted.

In some cases, commands can act on more than one expression. An example is the Substitute command where one expression defines a substitution that is applied to another expression. For this command, the clipboard is used as the temporary holding place for the subsitution expression(s) that are used in a command. See the The Substitute Command for details and an example.