The Division Command

The Division command is used to do manipulations on the Div object. The keystroke for the Division command is "d".

The Division command can be used in two different ways if you highlight an expression that has the form "a/b", the Division command will typically return several different options that split out some of the terms that were originally in the highlighted expression.

If you highlight a single term in either the numerator or denominator of a division expression, the Division command will extract that term from the division expression. For example, in the expression


with the "x" highlighted, the Division command will return x * (y/z)

The Division command can also act on added terms, for example, on the expression

a/b + c/d

the Division command will return

(a*d + c*b)/b*d

In these kinds of expressions, the Division command will also search for the least common multiple and build the expression that has that in the denominator. So for

a/4 + c/14

the Division command generates

(7a + 2c)/28

In some cases, the Division command will return multiple results. When this happens, the result list popup window is displayed to allow you to select among the returned results.