The Question Command

The Question command is designed to make it faster and easier to construct some kinds of expressions. For example, if you are creating or editing a Graph expression, the question command can be used to pop up lists of objects that can be inserted in the current location. If there is a single empty box in the parameter of the Graph object and you use the Question command, the list that is shown will contain all of the components of a graph. The keystroke for the Question command is the "?" character.

Examples where the question command can be used include:

  • Adding components to a graph.
  • Adding properties to some of the components of a graph.
  • Adding components to a Rendering: expression.
  • Selecting one of the command parameters in a Command definition.
  • Selection the modifier (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) or the key in a Keystroke object.
  • Selecting a color in any of the color properties.

Note that the list of colors doesn't include all of the colors that could be used in a parameter that expects a color.